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Creative LED Display for Advertisement Machine

Creative LED Display for Advertisement Machine (0)

The LED display for advertisements are widely applicable for all indoor occasions for broadcasting information, such as graphics, pictures and videos, etc. It also can be used for exhibition hall, stadium, TV broadcasting hall, station ticket hall, government organization hall, entertainment stage club, banks, investment securities, transportation, business administration, power sectors, customs, hospital, parks, airport, stations, monitoring center, high-end markets, international conference field, etc.


Product Detail Parameter:

Series Item No.: P5 55 inch LED display P5 77 inch LED display P5 85inch LED display P4 85 inch LED display P5 outdoor LED display
1 Dot spacing(mm) 5 5 5 4 5
2 Pixel Integration 1R1PG1B 1R1PG1B 1R1PG1B 1R1PG1B 1R1PG1B
3 LED encapsulate type SMD3528 SMD3528 SMD3528 SMD2121(黑灯) SMD2727
4 Module Size(mm) 160*160 160*160 160*160 256*128 160*160
5 Max Power ≤15W ≤15W ≤15W ≤18W ≤24W
6 Module Resolution 32*32 32*32 32*32 64*32 32*32
7 Screen Resolution 128*256 224*320 192*384 256*512 160*288
8 Outer Size(mm) 715*1600*95 1282*1908*95 1060*2320*95 1120*2380*95 800*1964*138mm
9 Substrate Size(mm) 715*800*245 1282*800*245 1060*800*245 1120*900*245 800*204mm
10 The Optimum sight distance ≥5m ≥5m ≥5m ≥4m ≥5m
11 Max Power consumption(W) 480w 1050w 1080w 1150w 1000w
12 white balance lighting ≥1500cd/㎡ ≥1500cd/㎡ ≥1500cd/㎡ ≥1400cd/㎡ ≥6600cd/㎡
13 driver type 1/16 constant current 1/16 constant current 1/16 constant current 1/16 constant current 1/8 constant current
14 appearance color Black Silver
15 communication method Web plateform release, non-linear editting system, specially used for advertisement industry.
It can join into various of wireless networks, standard WiFi connector; compatible with 4G+3G+2G+WiFi
16 Content playing Support various of video documents, GIF, Flash, Image, Text and Excel, etc Support various of videos to play, GIF, Flash, Images, TXT and Excel, etc, it is loudspeaker built-in, to meet various requirement.


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High Speed Dome Module with EFFIO PROTOCOL in the market


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